Bored of classic pan fried liver with onions and marjoram? Try this recipe!


1 package of chicken liver (or pork)

1 onion or 1 leek (or both in proportion, which was my case)

1/2 tbl. spoon of worchester sauce

2 tbl. spoons of liquid broth (“maggi”)

1 teaspoon of sugar

powdered hot red pepper

12 tablespoons of red wine (I used white wine but red would be better)

hot water

salt, pepper

1 teaspoon of maizena

rice or bread to serve the meal with



Warning! Salt goes in last, else the liver becomes hard and not tasty.

Clean the liver form remaining fats and cut them into small cubes. Cut leek into circles. Cut onions onto small cubes. Fry leek and onions until glossy and then add liver. Dont mix – leave it to fry from one side first and then turn each piece on the other side – this way they will not loose their water and remain soft. Fry for min. 5 mins. In case there is not much sauce and you like a lot, add more water.

Chicken liver on wine

Mix in a bowl wine, worchester sauce, maizena, sugar, maggi and pepper. Add hot pepper into liver, mix it. Add to the mixture into the pan, mix until the sauce is thicker. Taste it and add salt as needed.

Chicken liver on wine

Served the best with rice. Some people like just bread, or french fries.

Hope you will enjoy!

Chicken liver on wine



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