Hello guys, this time we make  something for breakfast, snack or light dinner.

I love this recipe since childhood. I always felt like making it first with my mum, later alone a rainy Sunday and enjoy it together with my family while watching some family movie.


1 can of tuna fish in oil

1 can of tuna fish in brine

1 medium onion

4-5 eggs

140 g of white yogurt or mayonnaise (whichever you prefer, or half/half)

salt, pepper

cca 100 g of cheese (e.g. block of eidam)

125 g of unflavoured cheese spread



Boil eggs in salted water until hard (for 10 min from time when the water is boiling).

Chop onion on small cubes, place into bowl. Add tuna fish with oil, add the other tuna but without the brine. Add spread cheese and grate eidam. Mix it.  After the eggs are boiled, cool them down quickly with cold water. Leave them to cool down, peel them. Cut them into small pieces.


Add eggs into mixture. Add salt and pepper and yogurt or mayo. Mick doesn´t like mayo and yogurt replaces it nicely and is more healthy. Mix it properly but gently not to break the eggs too much.

Now you can serve. Decorate with vegetables. Tastes good on white or dark bread, and even knackerbrot.




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