Hello guys,

never thought that spinach and mushrooms can be combined together to make a good and quick dish until today.


baby spinach (fresh)

champions (fresh, e.g champignon)

2-3 cloves of garlic

vegetable broth in cubes + water

salt, pepper, chilli

1 cream (30% fat)

flour or instant roux

olive oil


cheese (optional)


First start boiling the pasta as per instructions on the packaging.

In meanwhile, slice mashrooms and fry them on a bit of olive oil until they release liquid, add spinach (i cut it on smaller pieces) and roast it until it is soft. Add water with broth in quantity you need, add cream, salt and pepper and cook for a little. Add flour to thicken the sauce to make it smooth and creamy.

You can mix pasta with the sauce or serve it on top of it, whichever you prefer. Shred a bit of cheese on top of it, if you like.

Penne with spinach and mashrooms


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